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blackBOOTS is a sex-positive social and educational group for men (aged 18+) in Utah with Leather, Kink, BDSM and Fetish interests since 2013.   

blackBOOTS hosts social events, munches, workshops/classes and an award winning bar leather gear night CODE on the THIRD FRIDAY of each month and Leather Church on the THIRD SUNDAY of each month, both at The Sun Trapp in Salt Lake City (bar events 21+)

For four years in a row, 2015/2016/2017/2018, blackBOOTS was awarded QSaltLake Fabby Award for Best Social Group

blackBOOTS strives to unite the men's Leather/BDSM/Kink community through creating safe places to meet, network, learn and share experiences with other men. The curious are welcome, as well experienced kinksters. 

In order to help achieve our mission to help men learn, communicate more effectively and play more safely with each other, blackBOOTS has created blackBOARD, our educational program. blackBOARD hopes to create a stronger sense of fellowship and camaraderie in the Utah men’s Leather/Fetish/Kink community, foster ‘Leather’ ideals and values; and promote the core belief that BDSM play should always be Risk-Aware and Consensual. Our classes/workshops strive to help men better understand the wide varieties of physical and mental play, increase safety by improving BDSM play skills and risk assessment aptitude, refine communication/negotiation abilities, as well as encourage the proper etiquette and protocols of our Leather/BDSM culture.


blackBOOTS strives to provide welcoming, safe spaces for our diverse community. We DO NOT tolerate actions, language or policies that discriminate or further marginalize people with regards to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, physical appearance, mental and physical ability, HIV status or marital status.

Our public events are ALWAYS open to ALL!

Our private men's play parties are open to ALL MEN, cis-gender and transgender.