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PrEP Resources


The latest list of LGBTQ Friendly PrEP Providers is HERE

Utah AIDS Foundation can help you match your insurance plan to the listed providers. Use there Google form here to sign up for help:


Utah AIDS Foundation also developed a letter that you can download, print and bring to your doctor to educate them about PrEP in the link here. PrEP Letter to your doctor


PrEP Financial Assistance Programs

Do you have health insurance and need help paying for PrEP? Truvada is the brand currently being prescribed as PrEP and Gilead the manufacturer offer co-pay assistance of up to $7200 per year. You can sign up for your Gilead HIV Co-pay Assistance Coupon Card here or call 1-877-505-6986 for more information. 


If you have insurance but are not fully covered for PrEP

This program helps patients in the United States who have insurance and still need financial assistance.

If you need additional assistance with insurance co-pays: 



FREE PrEP Clinic

Are you uninsured and ready to make an appointment with a doctor to begin using PrEP? The University of Utah Clinic 1A runs a Free PrEP Clinic for the uninsured two Saturdays a month. It is located at the University of Utah Redwood Health Center at 1525 West 2100 South. 


Schedule an appointment online: 

Call 801-585-2512 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


Other resources for low cost PrEP:

Many people are successfully ordering generic Truvada online from outside of the USA. Caution is advised when selecting a company to order online and you need to follow US law guidelines to do this.

This online resource has very good reviews and word of mouth. 


If you choose to order PrEP online you must:

1. See a doctor, test negative for the virus and get the other required blood tests done.

2. Obtain a prescription for Truvada with the generic substitution box checked. It is the default in most instances including the Free PrEP Clinic.

3. Make sure you order the correct thing: emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg. 

3. Have a US Passport (No other ID is acceptable)

4. See a doctor every 3-4 months once you are taking PrEP for an HIV test and other required blood work. 

We've been advised that US Law only permits 90 days worth of this medication coming into the country at a time so you'll need to plan carefully and adhere to the boundaries of US law. The cost is about $15. per month. 

For more information about PrEP, please contact:

Salt Lake County Health Department STD Clinic and Prevention Program 

Peter Stoker 385-468-4166

Utah AIDS Foundation 

at 801-487-2323 

The official Truvada Information Page online from Gilead